Canine Behaviour modification or shaping, is very different to typical dog training.

Your dog wont listen to anything you say at home? Training problem.

Your dog is terrified of loud noises or destroys your possessions when you leave the house? These are only two examples of issues that can be solved with behaviour modification and shaping.

Behavioural consultations cover any and every issue you may be having with your dog, from something small like your dog being afraid of thunderstorms, to more serious issues like aggression.

Behavioural consultations consist of an in depth analysis of your dogs’ entire history in order to pin point exactly what may be causing the problem. I will then work with you and your dog one on one to solve these issues and provide you with the tools you need to continue behavior shaping at home and will provide ongoing support.

The number of sessions needed is dependent on the type/seriousness and number of behavioural issues. Most clients see a vast improvement with just one session, however, in special cases, additional sessions may be required.

  • Behavioural consult R550
  • Additional consults R400

Please note, fees for behavioural consults differ from private training as a behavioural consult will take longer than a typical training session in order to fully analyse the problem area.

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